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Hidden Literacy and Numeracy Learning in Christmas Traditions

Want to sneak in literacy and numeracy learning into your family or classroom holiday activities? Read on for some inspiration!

Literacy · Teaching Reflections · Topics for Parents and Students

5 Reasons Why Note Taking Rocks!

Before I became a teacher, I volunteered at my alma mater elementary school with a seasoned primary teacher who banned handouts in her grade 2 classroom.  Although it was a rough start, it was amazing to see the growth in her students’ penmanship and literacy skills as the year progressed. That experience stuck with me,… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Note Taking Rocks!

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Dear Lisa Thompson…

Yesterday was a disappointing day for Ontario’s teachers, parents and students. On a day when we reached out to begin good-faith consultations with Ontario’s Ford government, we instead  heard you blame teachers and unions for a student walkout at schools across the province, when in reality it was your government’s policies that sparked this action.

Teaching Reflections · Topics for Parents and Students

Why are ‘veteran’ teachers inherently more valuable to the education system? A serious question to consider in the wake of Ford’s planned decimation of young teachers in Ontario…

Why are young/less experienced teachers losing their jobs when there are veteran teachers that exist who are performing poorly or complacently, making more money, and don’t have to worry about a pink slip? It’s just not fair…

Literacy · Teaching Reflections · Topics for Parents and Students

5 easy ways to teach ‘inferencing’

Inferencing is much more than a reading skill; essentially, it is the process of training the brain to think metaphorically rather than literally. Many students have already acquired this skill as it has been modelled at home in the context of both reading materials and experiences, but for many of our students it is something completely foreign to them that needs to be explicitly taught. 

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The problem(s) with mandatory e-learning…

As both a teacher and student, the e-learning environment works for me, but I’m an adult with a university education. I also happen to be tech savvy, and have good literacy and independent learning skills. Despite my personal admiration for the virtual teaching world, I can’t ignore the reasons why it’s not a great fit for many teachers and students.