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Ten steps too far…the dangerous vilification of teachers in Ontario

What will the vilification of great, hardworking teachers do to the profession? Also, how many potential teachers are being turned away from the teaching profession due to the public vilification of teachers on social media, in the news, by the government and public?

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Dear Ontario Parents, don’t stress about withheld report cards…

Dear Ontario Parents,
Don’t stress about withheld report cards. Seriously. They really aren’t the ‘cat’s meow’ you think they are. 

This is actually a great opportunity for you to change the way you look at school assessment and feedback about your child. The ball’s in your court; here’s how you can make a play. 

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It IS about the money…5 easy solutions to save $$$ in the Ontario education system

The truth is that if the government, school boards and unions really wanted to save money there are many more logical methods than cutting programming or funding for students. Moreover, with the cash they’d save they could also most likely compensate teachers accordingly with inflation.

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Assistive Technology IS NOT the “answer” for students struggling with literacy skills

Literacy is central to success in life – academically, socially and financially, but like everything else in life it comes easy to some and much harder to others. Unfortunately, since it is literally the vehicle of education this becomes incredibly problematic if children struggle with literacy skills. We all desperately want a solution to support them in moving along with their classmates, but handing them a computer with assistive technology programming is not the solution we should be leaning towards – it should be intensive, evidence based instruction – both at home and school. For literacy intervention to be successful, there needs to be a “all hands on deck” approach. 

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5 Reasons Why Note Taking Rocks!

Before I became a teacher, I volunteered at my alma mater elementary school with a seasoned primary teacher who banned handouts in her grade 2 classroom.  Although it was a rough start, it was amazing to see the growth in her students’ penmanship and literacy skills as the year progressed. That experience stuck with me,… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why Note Taking Rocks!