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Coronavirus Journal for Kids!

Parents are stressed to the max about “what to do” with their kids in terms of homeschooling these next couple weeks, especially if their children’s schools have not rolled out some kind of Elearning curriculum.

As a teacher and parent, I also want my kids engaged in some kind of academic activity. I’m “one of those” parents who regularly engages my kids over the summer months and other holidays regarding doing “something” involving learning to avoid learning loss over longer periods outside of school.

Considering we are also living through an unprecedented time in history, I also want my own kids and students to be aware of the significance of this event. I feel that it’s my job as a parent and teacher to help my kids and students understand and engage with this historical experience.

After mulling it over for a couple days, I decided to create a Coronavirus Journal for my own kids and students. This journal can be adapted to kids of all ages, and includes 10 activities aimed at encouraging students to think, learn, research, read, write and even have fun with memes!

The journal can be completed individually by kids/students, or as a family. Since it can be converted to Google Slides, it can even be shared among multiple kids/students and populated virtually as a collective.

My own kids have begun working on a collective journal with their cousins who live next door. Today, after a short lesson on memes, and conversations about why people are making memes about Coronavirus (comic relief), they were set loose to create their own. My sister in law and I were overwhelmed with what they created! Check out their work below:

If you’re a teacher or parent interested in creating your own Coronavirus Journal, you can download it on my Teachers pay Teachers store for $2.50. You’ll get a downloadable version of my journal that you can make as many copies of as you’d like for your own kids or students!

Or, if you love the idea and just want to make your own, check out the examples of the instructions for each of my sections below. You’ll get the idea and will be able to make your own using Powerpoint or Google Slides!

What are YOU doing with your kids or students to keep them engaged in academics over the time they will be out of school? Comment below!


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