Teaching Reflections

Ode to the teachers, parents and students “grinding out” distance learning

In a matter of days in March 2020, our education system in Canada – and throughout the world- changed drastically due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Unceremoniously, teachers, parents and students were forced into the uncomfortable and challenging new world of ‘distance learning’: a place where nothing is certain and  no one is sure what to do. 

Nevertheless, since humans are resilient, and as a general rule value education, many are “grinding out” this new reality, day by day – sometimes minute by minute. 

This is an ode to them: the grinders; those who stay focused despite uncertainty and achieve success despite roadblocks – you deserve a “hell ya”.

To the teachers…

Who are sitting at their makeshift desks, staring blearily at their computer screens for hours on end, creating engaging material for their learning platforms.

Who are calling, emailing and encouraging their students despite the fact that they may not be replying or participating in distance learning.

Who are doing their best, everyday, despite the hand they’ve been dealt – and aren’t ok with doing the ‘bare minimum’ because we are in a pandemic.

Who are using this experience as a learning opportunity for them and their students.

Who value education enough to make it a priority in their life at this challenging time.

To the parents…

Who trust that teachers are doing their best, and facilitating home education without judgement.

Who have changed their household structure and schedule, and are doing their best to make it work.

Who are learning new technology and teaching methods in the blink of an eye.

Who are realizing, at times, how tough it is to be in a ‘teacher’s shoes’.

Who value education enough to make it a priority in their home at this challenging time.

To the students…

Who are still open to learning, despite its challenges, in this new online environment.

Who are choosing to learn despite the uncertainty of  traditional ‘grading’.

Who are waking up early, for virtual class, even though they don’t technically ‘have to’.

Who are independently learning new things at home: housework, gardening, cooking, yard work, home renovations, etc.

Who value education enough to make it a priority in their life at this challenging time.








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